Director: Ciboulot
Producer: Nicolas Nepveu
Associate producers: Sam Magal and Nicolas Meliand
Character designer: Mathieu Vavril
Director of Photography: Fabien Benzaquen
Assistant director: Romain Fihol
Production assistant: Romain Duplessier and William Wouaquet
Editing: Philippe Roch
Color Grading: Anthony Lyant
Head of project: Frédéric Mayer
Modeling: Cédric Cibien, Bertrand Piot
Rig: Rodolphe Zirah
Animation: Frédéric Boulin, Danniel Ly, Ganael Chevalier, Bastien Laurent, Frédéric Mayer, Clément Richard, Anh Thu
Animation Trainee: Marc Pinta, Marine Villette
Lighting and rendering: Frédéric Mayer, Rodolphe Zirah
Compositing: Frédéric Barbe, Jonathan Deniard, Jean-Louis Khalifa, Maxime Neko
Compositing Trainee: Benjamin Jean, Louis Leroy
Music: Karim Lekehal
Sound Design and Mix: Studio Gling-Glang
Special thanks: APY, Otoy for Octane Render, Mat’Photo.